Vintage inspired A line dress and short introduction into coffee&castoffs.

So here it is; my little corner of the world wide inter web where i drink six gallons of coffee and attempt to write a blogpost, hoping to inspire anything close to an organism remotely interested in fashion? art? sewing? One can only dream of such a privilege; am i right?

This isn’t the first dress I’ve ever sewn and for the sake of keeping this blog alive id suggest i don’t burden it with my other hopeless creations. (i use the term creations very loosely.)

But this dress was different, it had soul to it, and for the first time in forever (as you can tell I’m trying very hard to hold back on the frozen tribute) but I’ve regained some sort of control over what i consider one of the most important aspects of my life; fashion.

And for that reason, and that reason alone, i hope you find some sort of inspiration in me trying to bring back the motivation i had for fashion. The way i use to before my academic life enthusiastically attacked me.




Back with a 20″ zipper

After using this ready made fabric from local craft stores, i decided to use this dress as a sort of inspiration and used the art medium of soft pastels (Faber-Castell) to develop my ideas.


These are my experimentation pieces that i used over tracing paper to find the style and design that spoke to me most.

I felt like, using soft pastels allowed me to really focus on the colours of the dress. The pastels ability to blend and create a sort of ombré really made me see the dress in more, than one fashion and style.


I began sketching for my finished pieces using a Faber Castell Grip 2001 pencil and created three identical croquis and use them to display my most developed pieces.

Before digitalising


These are my three finished pieces after using photoshop to create the background and perfect the edges and what-not.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my next post,



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