How to fix a bodice back bulge.

Most people I assume or would hope to assume who may check my blog- other than family and friends (Hi mom.)- are fellow seamstresses. And if you’re new to sewing like most of us feel; even if you’ve been sewing for a good couple of years. Every problem makes you just wanna give up and feel like a total novice. But instead of running away from my sewing problems; I decided to write a blogpost about to.

Recently all the dresses that I have been making come with a sort of bulge at the back where the zipper is located and after scrouing the chatrooms, ( yes you read that right. Chatrooms. I was that desperate.) but I could never find the answer to my problem. So I seeked refuge with another local seamsress and she gave me a few tips and tricks that may help me resolve my problem. And since you’re here reading this post  *SPOILER ALERT* it was resolved.

Some pictures of the reality of the situation.


I removed the zipper and cut of 0.25″ DSCN0181.JPG

Then cut two horiztoneal cuts about 3.5″ long.IMG_0861.JPG


Then I sewed it together and added the zipper back and took 0.5″ in at each shoulder seam.

And here is the finished product.IMG_0867.JPG

Ignore the tiny air bubble i think it was due to the way the dress fit me.

Thanks for reading,



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