Inspired Dolce&Gabbana fluted hem dress.

Lets be real here; not everyone can afford a D&G dress to wear on a daily. Not that its not what I aspire for but its just down-right impractical. So till most of us win the lottery, I don’t think anyone will be breaking the bank to pay for a 500 KWD (which is about 1640$) dress so here I suggest to you a more practical idea which is… TO MAKE YOUR OWN!

Most dresses these days are really just dresses from the 50s and 60s but with slight alterations; an extra dart here, a horizontal tuck there and lets never forget the fan favourite pleats. The perfect condiment to any outfit.

So I’m going to make this a mini series on my blog documenting the making of the dress with a different fabric.

Here are some pictures of how the dress currently looks.outfit_1058793_1_large.jpg1058793_1_large.jpg1058793_5_large.jpg1058793_3_large.jpg




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