Coffee and Castoffs Fashion Show Debut


That was a rather long hiatus.

But at least I’m back with something to talk about; my first fashion show or rather the participation in one. I took part in a charity fashion show that was raising money to pay for rescued animals hospital bills; the organisation is called PAWS and it was in association with Second Chance charity shop  and BAIA 

My collection was inspired of women throughout the ages and has a sort of vintage feel; as do all the clothes i design honestly. One of the great things that came out of this show was that my belief in my clothes and my designs had stuck. It’s so easy to get kind of thrown into a mix of other people’s opinions of whats in and what people want. I’ve heard people tell me countless times “Sheikha, no ones ever gonna wear a tutu like that under a skirt” or “Your designs are too specific. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t appeal to everyone”. But by listening to everyone and trying to please especially after the show because that’s when the big unveil happened, i began to lose my spirit. The questions of how am i going to get into my dream fashion school or even work and especially succeed if I’m beginning to lose faith in my self. It becomes an underlying worry of what if I don’t have it?

After I got back the pictures which I will put down below; i began to see that this is IT-the thing that i feared i didn’t have – I have it and its in picture.

Whats different about my designs are they are MINE and they ARE original because they went from mind to paper to sewing machine and various other fitting methods in between!

The greatest thing I got from this show other than experience was the reinforcement of my abilities and my talent which we can all forget about when we let the thoughts of others corrupt our beliefs.

Another plus was making 4 garments in such a short period; really showed me that I can work well under pressure and that i can do great thing with only 5 hours of sleep daily, trying to balance out the show, a social life and university.

I forgot to mention that all these garments are up for orders so please email me at





Model: Joanna Younes
Model: Joanna Younes



with the designers and judges of the show

Thank you for reading and for any enquires contact my email or my instagram @coffeeandcastoffs ,



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