Upcoming Ramadan Collection?

So I’ve given in. To the world of expo’s and fancy after Iftar gathering. I have become one of them. Which isn’t as bad as i use to think!

Designing a Ramadan collection, for so long made me feel like a phony. Even though this is technically apart of MY culture but i don’t know why it use to make me feel like a sell out.

UNTIL someone told me that i should cater to my environment and as a student that’s currently living in Kuwait; THIS IS MY ENVIORMENT!  And i should be proud of it. I am proud of it.

Maybe its the whole atmosphere around these events. IT seemed like anyone with a way to put colours together and knew a good tailor could open up a booth. Open up a business. Open up a dream. There had to be more to it right?

I had to be different?

Or at least that’s what I hoped?

It took me a long time to find my voice and my ideas and my sense of space in this industry. And it felt bogus to sell it out to become another one of those people trying to make a couple extra pennies on the side.

But after months of considering, especially after the great feedback I got on the show, I thought “Why not? I could bring something, I’m not a sell out because I’m not selling out. I’m doing this because i love it. This is it for me. These clothes, these design are it for me.”

So this rambled blog post is basically my introduction to keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading,

Sheikha xx


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